Projects’ Beneficiaries

Meet Jane Nyokabi Wanjiru, a form 3 student at Mweiga High school. The only child in her family and lives with her grand parents. Jane has been supported by this program since her 1st year in high school. She says that with the support she’s received from St. Joseph HIV/AIDS self Help group, her dream of becoming a journalist is now close to reality.

Kevin Kariuki is another beneficiary of  St. Joseph HIV/AIDS self Help group. He’s a form 3 student at Kirimara High school. A first born in the family of 2. Kevin stays with the mother. He says that with the support he’s  receiving from the group, he’s very optimistic that some day he’ll be an engineer. And he’s putting alot of effort towards that.

In a family of 2, Sarah Nderitu lives with her Aunt. She is a Form 2 student at Mathaini Secondary school. One blessing that came our way,”she says”, was the support we’ve been receiving from St. Joseph HIV/AIDS self Help group.Me and my younger sister’s education has been wholly catered for through by this group. Everday I wake up early and work hard so some day I’ll become a doctor, she told to us. Her dream after high school is to join the University of Nairobi.

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  1. Tkay says:

    This is very Impressive. I was at Mweiga. was hosted so well

  2. tricky man says:

    You are a wonderful organisation

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