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If you are looking for an opportunity to become a volunteer in Kenya, you can then work in

one of the places that the Brothers of St. Joseph offer, and will be the perfect choice! Since

2003 up to now 10 volunteers a year were staying and working with the Brothers. We are

also always happy to host single volunteers or groups of friends. No matter if you would like

to volunteer for 3 weeks or even several months, volunteers are always welcome and

appreciated! We accept all people without discrimination of colour, religion or race. We are

all children of God, brothers and sisters.

Working Opportunities

We the Brothers of St. Joseph run a Voluntarily Counselling and Testing Centre (VCT)

in which we offer help and prevention measures for HIV positive Clients and patients.

We also have a Dispensary (small Hospital) for all patients. The Centre is at the

compound of the Brothers and thus it is a great place to work. If you are not

interested in working in a medical environment, there is also the possibility to teach

and help out at one of Mweiga’s different schools. Even if you are interested in

volunteering in other areas, which are not mentioned on our Homepage, feel free to

contact us anytime, since we have many contacts or places to the people in our

community we are happy to help you and make your perfect volunteering experience

come true!


During your stay with the Brothers of St. Joseph you will be accommodated in our

compound. There is an extra building with rooms for our volunteers. We have single

and triple bedrooms, each endued with an own bathroom and shower with hot

water.  You don’t have to bring your own towels and bed sheets, everything is

provided! Usually the Brothers and the Volunteers have their meals (Breakfast, Lunch

and Dinner) together in the Dining Room. There is always a variety of fresh and

healthy meals prepared by our cook and even special requests will happily be

considered. Nevertheless, you can feel free to use the kitchen and cook for yourself.


When you start preparing for your trip to Kenya, there are a few things you should

keep in mind:

 Go and see a travel medicine clinic well enough in advance. The doctor will

know which vaccines are important and necessary for your trip.

 Check if your passport is still valid since the Kenyan government requires the

passport to be valid for at least six months after entering the country.

 You should get information on the easiest and cheapest way to withdraw cash

at an ATM. Your bank will offer you the most convenient way.

 Check the local weather on order to pack according to the temperatures.

Remember that it gets cold during the night and you should bring a sweater,

even when there are high temperatures during the day.

 Get a travel guide to inform yourself about the culture and country that is

awaiting you!

If there are any questions during your preparations, feel free to contact us any


The Brothers of St. Joseph

The Brothers of St. Joseph is a religious Congregation of Men in the Catholic Church based in

Mweiga Nyeri Kieni West District Central Province Kenya, under the Archdiocese of Nyeri.

Our Mission is Evangelization and implements various Community integral development and

relief programs targeting the most vulnerable communities (infected and affected by


The Brothers of St. Joseph apart from Evangelization has cardinal obligation to:

– Respond to the needy and oppressed people.

– To work with the Communities and enable them to address their integral

development needs.

– Liberate the Communities from apathy so that having first accepted their situation

they can analyze it and initiate the needed changes to improve it

The VCT Centre (Voluntary, Counseling, Testing)

The VCT Centre offers opportunities for prevention, counselling and therapy for those

infected with HIV and AIDS. It was founded in the year 2001 by the Brothers of St. Joseph as

a community based organisation. The Vision of the Centre is to create a HIV/AIDS free

community, which is aimed to be achieved by support and care for HIV positive people and

also to give hope to those infected and affected. The Centre also offers help and support for

orphans and vulnerable children regarding their education and other basic needs. The

Comprehensive Care Clinic offers general counselling and testing opportunities at the VCT

Centre, but also Moonlight Counselling and mobile VCT for those who do not have the

chance to come to our Centre by themselves. Furthermore, home-based care is provided for

HIV infected and affected people living in our community.


In Mweiga and also in the close by towns there are numerous schools that are always happy

to host volunteers! There is a big variety in primary and secondary schools that are easy to

reach. One of the schools we cooperate with is the Labura Primary and Secondary School

which was founded only four years ago. The Principal of the school is always happy to work

together with volunteers who can teach subjects like English, Mathematics, Sciences and

many others

Travelling Opportunities

On the weekends there is always enough time to explore the Beauty of Kenya! Our former

volunteers travelled to National Parks, like Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha and also Masai Mara.

Some of them also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Mount Kenya, the second highest

mountain in Africa, which you can even see from Mweiga. Also Nairobi is not far away and

always worth a trip. If you are interested in longer journey and attractive sites, Mombasa in

the coastal region is highly recommendable. The numerous beaches offer a great

opportunity to relax.


Accommodation and meals are provided for a monthly fee of 18,000 KSH. Instead of paying

commission fees, we encourage our volunteers to donate an amount from 4,000 KSH and

above a month to support the VCT Centre. If you wish, we are happy to pick you up at

Nairobi International Airport. For the pick-up we charge a small fee of 7,000 KSH gas (Petro)

as expenditure.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like to apply to become a volunteer please contact us

anytime through the below E-Mails

E-mail: volunteering.mweiga@web.de

For more detailed information regarding the VCT Centrer:

Brother HaronKamau – Phone: +254 720881812 E-mail: brharonkamau@yahoo.com

Br. Julias Awino – Phone: + 254 720 747 344 E-Mail: brjuliasawino@yahoo.com

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